Beauty from inside out

Perfect for protecting your skin from formidable environmental damages, NOCHERN SKINCARE was designed to be a multi-colored custom skincare, with wholeheartedness, to care your skin, and color your routine.

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NOCHERN SKINCARE derives from the idea of giving your skin the most intimate care and the most meticulous protection. As cumulatively problems in urban areas around the world, the harmful effects of environmental pollution on skin has been continuously examined by extensive studies.

As you can imagine, 80% of the world’s population is exposed to ubiquitous air pollutants like car exhaust, dirt and dust which can stealthily clog pores, cause acne and render skin a dull complexion. The far more prominent threat, troublesome free radicals, are invisible enemies that reside in smog, smoke, and other airborne chemicals. It is a primary cause of premature signs of aging. Nonetheless, we could do little to limit our exposure to air pollution especially in urban areas. There is an urgent need and demand for skincare products to availably form an invisible protective barrier of skin for people with long term exposure to detrimental air pollutants.

Care your skin, Color your routine.

NOCHERN SKINCARE is committed to create eximious skincare products to elaborately treat your skin concerns and potently shield you from offensive urban pollution. Targeting different skin types, we specially design six series of custom skincare for you to choose from, leaving you the most intimate care, all-day and all-round.

The unique and exquisite pantone packaging brings a specific definition to six colors – Baby Blue with Hyaluronic Acid, Bright Orange with Vitamin C, Pink Glow with RegestrilTM, Aqua Blue with Panthenol, Apple Green with Collagen, and Vital Yellow with Retinol.

Here you can find your colored custom skincare that you hanker to achieve a revitalized and radiant look. We expect to add more colors to brighten up your dull skincare routine for delivering your beauty from inside out.

Professional R&D in Germany

The research and development team of Nochern Skincare is a pioneer in the world of beauty and stands for innovative cosmetic treatments ahead of their time. “Made in Germany” is a promise of quality, as Germany is one of the oldest skincare hubs in the world, the very first ampoule for skincare is created in Germany and gradually rises throughout the world.

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